Telehealth Modules

to get them talking.

Accessible From Anywhere

The My Health Connection Platform is accessible from anywhere by all authenticated users.
Care for more patients in less time with no waiting rooms with our intuitive user interface.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Track your patient’s biometrics and other clinically significant data at a distance. This Module is perfect for disease management like diabetes and obesity.  The RPM includes a clinicians dashboard which can easily monitor your patient population at a glance. Create customizable thresholds and alerts for individual patients. RPM integrates with several wearables and medical devices, glucometers, activity monitors, blood pressure. etc. The RPM HIPAA compliant portal can grant caregiver access to a patients biometric data.

Online Patient Scheduling

Patients may book appointments hours or months in advance. The module allows for real time calendar availability, patient medical history or other customized intake forms, collect payments (if necessary) before finalizing an appointments, automatic video invites sent to both parties once the appointment has been book. These are just a few of the many features our MHC Scheduler provides.

Scalable Telehealth Solution

Customizable for any size installation.  Exceptional support, security and Reliability.

Secure Video Conferencing

The ability to video with a patient or other doctors is quickly becoming a staple in the healthcare Industry.  The need to breakdown geographic barriers and healthcare costs is critical.  Our HIPAA compliant video solution allows clinicians to quickly see the benefits in seeing more patients, scaling their business and drastically reducing or eliminating waiting room times. Currently there are over 75 CPT codes for meeting with patients virtually.

Private MedVideo℠ Library

MHC MedVideo℠ library is a secure media platform with the ability to customize and segregate the user experience based on their roles. Doctors will only see videos appropriate for teaching and training staff and Patients will only have access to patient education videos. The web based Vault gives our users the ability to upload videos in all formats and categorize them into different libraries.  Each video may contain subtitles, attachments, authors credentials as well as public or private comments to the author of the video.  The MHC Video Vault is accessible from any mobile device.

Physician's Profile Page

Learn about the physician before deciding to utilize their services. Check out their video library, see where they are located, ask them questions through private email. Our Physicians profile page allows you to do this and more. Each profile can have our MHC private scheduler built into the page showing the real-time availability of the Doctor, His prices and services offered. As an example a patient can find a Doc, choose a 20 minutes video consultation, book the appointment, fill out an customized intake form and, pay for it.  Once paid, a Doctors calendar is booked and conformation emails and texts are sent out alerting the Doc to the appointment and sending a video link to the patient for the time of the call. Its that easy.

Live Programs and Events

Host you own live broadcasts or events on our MHC network.  We now give our customers the ability to serve live video globally for teaching, training and all other events. Our live broadcast solution can sell tickets for your events, register users with custom registration forms.  Stream to 3000 simultaneous participants, restrict access and much more.

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