Portable, Accurate Hemodynamic Monitoring On-Site for HF, CHF and Hypertensive Patients.

The Accurate, Low-Cost,
Risk Free Alternative to Expensive Cardiovascular Testing that Dramatically Reduces Readmissions

MyNICaS can assist you in:

  • Hypertension – MyNICaS can provide the underlying reason for Hypertension allowing physician to prescribe the correct medication to address it and defeat it.
  • Readmission Reduction – MyNICaS derived data allows early detection of HF decompensation allowing the treating institution to address it (home health care, skilled nursing) before it is too late and to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Remote Monitoring – MyNICaS remote Activation & Analysis of the hemodynamic data, allows better access to care
MyNicas Monitor screens

Increase Your Billings and Rave Reviews

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